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A Bachelor degree at Design Academy Eindhoven is a four-year programme that offers students the opportunity to develop their own answers to fundamental questions.
Bachelor students at DAE are provided with space, support and guidance to explore their relationship with design, as well as its potential as a tool for positive action in a world that is in constant flux. DAE nurtures independent thinking and encourages students to engage deeply with themselves and with their environment, to be curious and to question their assumptions, and to interrogate systems of power, of knowledge and of production.
Learning through making is a central concept at DAE. There is a strong focus on ‘doing’, whe...

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  • Along with a shift towards the blurring of boundaries between public and private domains comes a new demand for ideas to help humans feel at home, enable them to display their identity, to be comfortable and safe – to live. It requires new ideas about public space, redefining its functions and position in the community. This opens up new possibilities for designers, architects and other creative minds that can shape our living space and – at the same time – challenge the way we work.

    Led by designer Stijn Roodnat, Studio Collaborative Solutions focusses on one key element of this exciting new age: Sharing – no longer owning or claiming what is yours. Exploring the reuse, recycling, re-functioning of products and spaces to address the increasing scarcity of important resources. Sharing know-how, talent, insights and effort.
    The studio aims to develop students who can fulfil a key role within the multidisciplinary teams that will be essential to find solutions to the major challenges facing society. Each designer will develop an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their particular talent. And they will learn the skills to turn ideas into aesthetic, practical, usable designs, that can be materialised and communicated.

  • Led by designer Marty Lamers, Studio Identity focusses on the idea of the body as a vehicle for social exploration and communication and a site for and of design. Our body can be a canvas. We can dress, decorate and display it, yet we can also camouflage or disguise it. Our body can also be a pamphlet – we can use it to express our perspectives, attitudes and beliefs or to protest and subvert.

    Drawing upon our intuition, sensibilities and imagination, we can invent and reinvent our self- and group identity, both in the physical worlds and virtual realms.

    Studio Identity deals with the fundamental questions:
    Who am I and who do I want to be?
    Who are you and who do you want to be?
    Who are we and who do we want to be?

    The studio encourages interaction and synergy between students, collaborators and educators. Members of the studio will learn to develop and trust their intuition as a key skill within design. Students who join the studio must be able to adapt quickly and enjoy working at a fast pace. They should be able to make swift changes and react to rapid changes within society. They should be versatile, curious and capable of handling a myriad of projects and ideas at the same time.

  • Led by Marije Vogelzang, Studio Living Matter invites students to begin their creative and design process with living matter. Living matter is represented by food, but also by plants and animals in general, atoms, time, energy, synergy, rituals and human beings. Dealing with living matter demands a specific position from a designer. Time becomes an important factor. So does the definition of ‘end product’. How can we deal with living matter while researching new technologies like gen tech or synthetic biology but also just letting a seed sprout?

    The world’s most pressing issues are related to food and consumption. Think of the loss of biodiversity, pollinator decline, obesity, starvation, empty oceans, food safety, climate change, antibiotic resistance, freshwater supply, seed sovereignty and even migration streams are connected to (lack of) food. Studio Living Matter does not claim that designers can solve these issues, but it does believe that designers can help bring unconventional ideas and unexpected connections into a broken system.

    Students joining Studio Living Matter should have a strong interest in all things biological and organic. They should be curious to explore new ways of thinking about objects and the role of design in an industrialised society.

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Taal: Engels (100%)
Bekostiging: Overheid
Studenten: 590
Studiepunten: 240 ECTS
Diploma: Bachelor of Arts

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Artistieke aanleg die blijkt uit: beeldend vermogen, werken vanuit waarneming en vanuit fantasie; gevoel voor kleur, vorm en materiaal; oorspronkelijkheid en eigenzinnigheid.

Wettelijke eisen

  • EM Directe toegang
  • CM Directe toegang
  • NG Directe toegang
  • NT Directe toegang
Wettelijke aanvullende eisen

Artistieke aanleg die blijkt uit: beeldend vermogen, werken vanuit waarneming en vanuit fantasie; gevoel voor kleur, vorm en materiaal; oorspronkelijkheid en eigenzinnigheid.

Deze opleiding is direct toegankelijk met een mbo-4 diploma.

Artistieke aanleg die blijkt uit: beeldend vermogen, werken vanuit waarneming en vanuit fantasie; gevoel voor kleur, vorm en materiaal; oorspronkelijkheid en eigenzinnigheid.

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Design Academy Eindhoven
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60% van de werkenden vond een baan op niveau
51% vond een baan binnen het vakgebied van de studie
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3% is werkloos

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Grafisch vormgevers en multimedia vormgevers 39%
Regisseurs en producenten televisie, film en theater 4%
Fotografen 3%
Medewerkers bediening horeca 3%
Vakspecialisten website-ontwikkeling en -beheer 3%
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