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The Humanities Research Master is a unique programme that provides extensive training in research design, within the context of an inspiring and sustainable interdisciplinary research environment.

The VU Humanities Research Master offers an excellent route to prepare yourself for an internationally oriented, scientific career, or for other research related positions. During the intensive curriculum you will develop in depth knowledge of the theories, methods and techniques of your research field, learn to connect with other science fields, develop your research skills and your talent to pos...

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Bekostiging: Overheid
Studenten: 45
Studiepunten: 120 ECTS
Diploma: Master of Arts

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  • In order to be admitted directly we require a full Bachelor's degree and an average grade of minimally a 7.5 out of 10.

  • A certified list of the academic results obtained to date (qualifications and lists of grades).

  • The student should have a proficient level of academic English, proof of excellent study results and motivation for doing academic research.

  • Unless English is your first language, you must be able to prove your knowledge of English is sufficient.

  • We have an online application system, in which you will be asked to upload the following documents: * copy of your Bachelor's degree and transcript of records * Letter of motivation * Curriculum vitae * Bachelor's or Master's thesis * Two letters of recommendation * Description of courses of previous education and a list of all the main literature * English language test

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€ 2.083
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€ 2.143
Wettelijk collegegeld

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  • The Research Master's programme Critical Studies in Art and Culture focuses on current developments in visual arts, architecture, design and media, from a theoretical and historical perspective.

    In a globalizing cultural world in which art, architecture, design and media are ever more closely integrated and packaged as “creative industries,” disciplinary boundaries need questioning and challenging, yet a thorough grounding in older and newer disciplines such as art history, architectural history, design culture, and media studies is a prerequisite for doing so. You will focus on the analysis of “visual objects”: of artifacts in various media that function as images. This ranges from landscapes, cities and buildings to artworks in various media, as well as film, television, design and games. Notions as inter-, cross- and transmediality play an important part in the program. Since artifacts, media and forms of intermediality can only exist in specific social, institutional, economical and ideological frameworks and networks, the Master will equip you with the analytical and critical tools for analyzing these. Each of the four main disciplines that inform the specialization brings specific theories and methods to the table, and the programme seeks to foster a sense of their interconnectedness, highlighting their specific potential as well as possible limitations.

  • Do you want to indulge your linguistic passion and engage in linguistic research? Then the Research Master Linguistics is the programme for you.

    The two-year Research Master in Linguistics, specialization of the Humanities research master, trains you as a professional linguistic researcher, specialised in either Human Language Technology or in Forensic Linguistics. Both tracks are aimed at linguists who are looking for a solid training in linguistics, coupled with a challenging specialization in young research fields with a fundamental concern for current society. The programs for the two tracks partly overlap. All students take general courses in the field of humanities research and linguistics, both on theory and methodology. Human Language Technology is a young and rapidly evolving research field that holds a unique position between linguistics and computer science. Forensic Linguistics/Language and the Law is a new and exciting field, which has both a narrow and a broad definition. In its more specific sense it denotes the use of linguistic evidence in the courtroom. During the programme, you will choose four courses from a list of available Master's courses. You will base your choice on your own interests and the specialization that you wish to pursue. The programme is taught in English.

  • Humanities Research : Global History
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Humanities (research)
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