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Individual Differences and Assessment (research)

Tilburg University

Over de opleiding Studiepunten:  120 ECTS


Become a research expert in the area of individual differences and assessment: personality, character, and temperament. Study how differences affect people's lives in the domains of work and health.

Study how such differences affect people's lives in the domains of work and health. The Research Master is an excellent preparation for a PhD or a career in applied research, for example, in the domains of human resources, health policy, or management.

Talen: Engels
Bekostiging: Overheid
Studenten: 19
Studiepunten: 120 ECTS
Diploma: Master of Science

Om toegelaten te worden tot een opleiding moet je aan bepaalde eisen voldoen.



  • Average score of 7.5 for the courses in the second- and third-year of a Dutch Bachelor's program or an equivalent score in the Master's program.

  • A sufficient academic background in research methodology and statistics. Your background education should contain at least one introductory statistics course and courses that include multiple regression, analysis of variance, factor analysis and research methodology. Your background should be clear from the course descriptions and the statistics checklist which you must include in your application;

  • Students need to proof their proficiency in English by submitting the results of one of these tests: * TOEFL with a minimum score of 100 (internet-based) or 600 (paper-based). The TOEFL institutional code for Tilburg University is 9860. Please note: we do not accept the TOEFL Institutional Testing Program (TOEFL ITP). Academic IELTS score with a minimum of 7.0 score overall and a minimum score of 6.5 on individual parts of the test. Cambridge English test results: C1 advanced (formerly CAE) with a score of A or B or C2 proficiency (formerly CPE) with a score of A, B or C. Please note: The test results must not be older than two years at the time of application. If you do not have your test results at the time of application, please confirm the date of the test in your application. An English proficiency test is not required if one of the following applies to your situation: * You hold a passport from one of the following countries: Australia, Canada (excluding Quebec), Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, or the United States of America or * You have studied your entire Bachelor (or Master) program conducted entirely in English in one of these countries or * You are a Tilburg University student from a Tilburg University Bachelor's degree program conducted entirely in English. For all other countries, the English language test is compulsory and no exemptions from this requirement will be made other than those mentioned here.

  • In order to be accepted directly onto our Research Master's program in Individual Differences and Assessment, you must have the following academic background: Bachelor's or Master's degree, which provided (under)graduate training in a relevant discipline: Psychology, Human Resources, General Social Sciences, Pedagogics, Biology OR Bachelor's or Master's degree in Sociology or Organization Studies, as long as you have taken the minor in Human Resource Studies OR You have successfully followed the Pre-Master's program in Human Resource Studies.

  • Motivation Letter The motivation letter must be specifically written for your application for this program at Tilburg University. We do not require a standard format for this letter but it should be about 250-500 words. It should explain: * How you meet the specific criteria for admission mentioned above, with specific reference to your academic background. * Why you want to follow this program of study e.g. what specifically appeals to you about the content of this program. * Why you want to study at Tilburg University. * What you have done in addition to your academic studies in this field. * What added value you consider you could bring to our international classroom. * What you would like to do after you have completed this degree.


€ 2.083
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€ 2.143
Wettelijk collegegeld

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  • 1 mei 2020
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  • 1 september 2020
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  • 1 mei 2021

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