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Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design


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The Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design aan de HKU biedt twee opleidingen: Fine Art and Scenography.

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Talen: Nederlands
Bekostiging: Overheid
Studenten: 49
Studiepunten: 120 ECTS
Diploma: Master of Arts

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€ 2.143
Wettelijk collegegeld
€ 2.083
Wettelijk collegegeld

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49 studenten volgen deze opleiding
22 eerstejaars aan deze opleiding
14% van de eerstejaars studenten is man
86% van de eerstejaars studenten is vrouw
16 opleidingen
62.849 studenten in de gemeente Utrecht Meer info over Utrecht

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  • The MA Programme Fine Art consists of three parallel courses: Critical studies, Discipline Related studies and your Individual Project.
    1 Presentation
    Many questions about the concept of image remain unanswered. To investigate the artistic image, we begin at the most primary form of visualization and representation, i.e. drawing. The meaning of drawing is the starting point for investigating the position and meaning of the image in current visual culture.
    2 Representation
    The extreme of visualisation is the photographic image. The photograph often serves as final piece, recording, moment of distribution, and documentation. Visual culture contributes a high degree of truthfulness to the photograph. What does the photographic paradigm mean for topical, artistic practice?
    3 Communication
    The following concepts are addressed: the position of the studio, the artistic attitude, the effect of painterly thought in current visual culture, filmic imagination, performativity, intermediality, transmedial communication, and the role of the artist's text.
    4 Context
    The focus lies on contextualisation: an inquiry into how the artistic image should be presented. To investigate various exhibition models, a platform for practical research is offered. The role and position of art in public space is also investigated.

  • Master Scenography students are trained to transform any environment into a theatrical surrounding, through supervising and stimulating the development of their creative and intellectual capabilities.
    Are you a visual artist, a theatre designer, a theatre maker or director, a performance designer, a visual dramaturg, a multimedia artist, an architect or spatial designer, a curator of events, involved in scenographic art practice in any other way or ambitious to be so? Are you eager to develop your work through practice and research? The course is suitable for students who have just completed their Bachelor's degree and are capable of conducting research independently and in a broad context, as well as for artists who have already been working as professionals at Bachelor's level for several years. The study program offers you conceptual deepening and broadening of professional skills, and frameworks for research. MFA Scenography graduates are independent artists and designers capable of working in (artistic) team configurations, with an ability to initiate, organize and supervise projects themselves. They can accept all kinds of assignments in which ideas are required for a theatrical design of space.

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Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design
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28% van de afgestudeerden vindt de studie een goede basis om te starten op de arbeidsmarkt
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46% van de werkenden vond een baan op niveau
63% vond een baan binnen het vakgebied van de studie
€ 935 bruto startsalaris op basis van 33 uur per week
12% is werkloos

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Grafisch vormgevers en multimedia vormgevers 32%
Beeldend kunstenaars 19%

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