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Develop a solid interdisciplinary foundation and excel in one of nine specialisations. In addition, broaden your personal skills and interests with a wide range of electives.
Do you ever ask yourself how business should react to recession, globalisation and new technology? Do you wonder why some companies are more successful with 'green' products than others or which business model will be most lucrative in the gaming industry?

The Master's in Business Administration at the Amsterdam Business School (ABS) of the UvA offers both a solid theoretical research basis and business cases from practice. Our dedicated international academic staff and corporate relations provide you with courses like Branding, Leadership, Design Driven Business Innovation, Executing Strategy, Business and Sustainability and Management Consulting. As one of our carefully selected students you start the year with a series of inspiring lectures from CEO's of companies such as Vodafone, Unilever and McKinsey. Yo...

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Talen: Engels
Bekostiging: Overheid
Studiepunten: 60 ECTS
Honours: 1 programma
Diploma: Master of Science

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€ 2.168
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  • If you aim to make your own mark on the business world, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E&I) track of the MSc in Business Administration will provide you with a comprehensive set of tools.
    By discussing and reflecting on recent research articles, you will be exposed to the latest theories and models. You will also examine the practice of E&I in the form of case studies, guest lectures and cooperation with industry partners.
    This one-year Master's programme offers courses in Theories of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, International Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management. The first course focuses on the process of discovering, developing and exploiting opportunities for new products, services and business models. International Entrepreneurship is an interactive course, during which you will be expected to actively participate in discussing articles (discussion seminars) on a variety of topics, including opportunity recognition, entrepreneurship and globalisation, venture capital and crowd funding, and corporate and social entrepreneurship. Innovation Management provides the knowledge and skills needed to analyse, design and implement innovations, and develop strategies for new business creation.

    Students in the track work with the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship @ Science Park and the Amsterdam Center for Service Innovation (AMSI).

  • In the Consumer Marketing track of the MSc Business Administration, you gain an in-depth understanding of consumer characteristics, behaviours and motivations as inputs for effective marketing strateg
    Marketing is responsible for strategically guiding businesses towards the creation and capture of superior customer value. Sound marketing thus requires a detailed understanding of consumers and the broader context of their lives: who are they, what do they do, and (perhaps most importantly) what drives their behaviour and decisions?

    Studying Consumer Marketing helps you explore how consumer understanding can be translated into marketing strategies that truly create customer value. In that sense, our approach to marketing focuses more strongly on strategy and analysis rather than execution and implementation as such.

  • Business Administration: International Management focuses on the strategic management and organization of Multinational Entreprises (MNE's).
    International Management aims to familiarise you with a variety of important international management issues, such as globalisation, national culture, regional integration agreements, international strategies and structures of MNEs, and the entry modes they can use to enter foreign markets.

    Other focus points are on the main strategic decisions that top managers of MNEs have to make in the international arena and the ways in which the regulatory and socio-cultural institutions of countries and regions differ from one another. For instance, how does an MNE's international strategy influence its organizational design? Why is institutional variation of critical importance to MNE's? And what factors influence managers' choices between different entry modes, such as licensing agreements, joint ventures, and full acquisitions?

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  • In the Consumer Marketing track, you gain an in-depth understanding of consumer characteristics, behaviours and motivations as inputs for effective marketing strategies.

  • Digital Business
  • Digital Marketing
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