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Astronomy covers observations using the world's most powerful telescopes, theoretical astrophysical and astrochemical modeling, and laboratory experiments that mimic conditions in space.
In this two-year master's programme in Astronomy you get access to cutting edge research in modern astronomy. Main focus areas include galaxies and the structures in which they are embedded, exoplanets, and star and planet formation. With seven challenging specialisations to choose from, you will be prepared for a wide variety of careers within academia, industry and the public sector.

Are you are interested in astronomy research within or outside academia? Do you want to add value to society through scientific and technological progress? Are you keen on solving complex matters and are you up for a challenge? Then our Leiden University Astronomy master's programme is designed for you.

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Talen: Engels
Bekostiging: Overheid
Studenten: 103
Studiepunten: 120 ECTS
Honours: 1 programma
Diploma: Master of Science

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  • This MSc track prepares students for a career in science-related business and administration and for innovation and enterprise from an astronomy perspective.
    In addition to knowledge of astronomy, students obtain competence with respect to organisations, people in organisations and the establishment and management of processes.
    The first year of the track focuses on astronomy; in the second year the student will specialise in Science-Based Business.

    The Leiden MSc in Astronomy focuses on: Knowledge and understanding of the origin, structure, and evolution of galaxies, including processes in their nuclei, as well as the universe they are part of; Knowledge and understanding of the origin, structure and evolution of stars, including the interstellar medium, circumstellar gas and dust, and planetary systems.
    These goals are approached by means of courses teaching knowledge of the various fields and insight into their mutual connections, and through research projects in which the student focuses on one or more aspects of ongoing research carried out by staff and postdocs.
    The Leiden programme is particularly known for its emphasis on the interface between observation and theory: interpretation, modelling and simulation.

  • In the field of cosmology we look for scientific answers to the most fundamental questions that one can ask: Where do we come from? How did the Universe start? How did it evolve and where does it go?
    Modern cosmology is a complex, multidisciplinary research area. Observations of the Universe with state-of-the-art telescopes on Earth and in space, supercomputer simulations of the origin of structure, and theoretical physics studies of the Hot Big Bang, the expanding Universe, and inflation provide a consistent understanding of our Universe.

    The current picture is quite accurate, yet full of with new physics waiting to be discovered. Research in this area is moving fast, and requires familiarity with current theoretical ideas as well as a basic understanding of the data. The overall aim is to train you in this exciting research field, preferably in an integrated Cosmology master's and PhD degree programme.

    Are you a theory-oriented student interested in discovering all aspects of modern astrophysics, including observation, interpretation, simulation and theory? Then, Astronomy and Cosmology at Leiden University is the right master's specialisation for you. This programme is essentially based on combined research in astronomy and physics and is therefore open for students with a bachelor's degree in Astronomy and/or Physics from a recognized university.

  • In the master's specialisation Astronomy and Data Science you focus on development and application of new data-mining technologies, fully embracing modern astronomy as a data rich science.
    The Astronomy and Data Science master's programme is built on world-class computational astrophysics research as well as hightech industry expertise. It covers a wide range of research areas studying complex astronomical phenomena, including radiative transfer, computation of dynamical internal galaxy structures and hydrodynamical modeling of galaxy formation and evolution of the intergalactic medium.

    Will you be mastering the world's future data? Are you looking for a career in Astronomy and/or Computer Science, within or outside academia? Then our unique Astronomy and Data Science master's specialisation offers you numerous opportunities to assemble your own path in this direction.

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  • Heb jij interesse en ambitie om jouw leiderschapskwaliteiten en je kennis over leiderschap verder te ontwikkelen? Wil je meer leren over leiderschap in praktijk? Dan is het Leiden Leadership Programme iets voor jou.

    Het Leiden Leadership Programme is een eenjarig programma voor gemotiveerde masterstudenten waarin je leert over leiderschap en je eigen leiderschapskwaliteiten ontdekt en ontwikkelt. Door het kleinschalige onderwijs en een ondersteunende docentcoach werk je op een persoonlijke manier aan je eigen ontwikkeling. Ook volg je tijdens dit interdisciplinaire programma seminars en vaardigheidstrainingen, waardoor je meer inzicht krijgt in jouw sterke en zwakke punten en wat het effect is van jouw gedrag op anderen. Daarnaast werk je met een aantal medestudenten aan een pittige praktijkopdracht en ervaar je de complexiteit van leiderschap in de praktijk.

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