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Business Administration

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Over de opleiding Studiepunten:  60 ECTS


Would you like to gain the knowledge and skills required to deal with complex problems in management? Then you should choose one of the profiles of this degree.
In the Master's Degree in Business Administration, you learn to deal with complex management issues. There are five profiles that all focus on one particular area of business administration:* Change Management* Health* Management Accounting and Control (the new name of the current Organizational & Management Control)* Small Business & Entrepreneurship* Strategic Innovation ManagementThe programme is intended for students with an academic background in Business, Economics, and related academic fields.
Each profile has high academic...


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Talen: Engels
Bekostiging: Overheid
Studiepunten: 60 ECTS
Diploma: Master of Science

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37% van de eerstejaars studenten is vrouw
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Keuzes binnen de opleiding

  • What are the characteristics of the most suitable change approach: planned or emergent, participatory or directive, top-down or bottom-up?
    Responding to the ever-changing market and new developments is essential for the survival of today's organisations. That's why change is crucial for organisations. This creates a need for change experts who know how to design and manage change processes.In the MSc CM, which is both academically rigorous and societally relevant, you will learn to deal with the complexity of organisational change as a dynamic interplay of organisational, technological, cultural and human factors. You will develop a solid understanding of the diversity in paradigms, theories and approaches that characterise the international scientific and professional field of change management as well as critical academic thinking as core elements of your professional toolkit. The programme offers you a diverse and challenging environment in which you actively and responsibly co-create your learning experiences. You will be a member of a lively learning community of dedicated students (approx. 75), staff and expert practitioners that prepares you for a career in a globalising world.

  • How to support managers when they are pursuing the organizational strategy? Which information is useful to them, and how does this information affect the behaviour of employees?
    The MSc Management Accounting and Control concentrates on enabling managers to achieve organizational goals. During this programme, you will gain knowledge about management accounting and financial management techniques. These techniques are used to provide (non-)financial information for decision-making and to develop planning and control systems. You will also develop the skills needed to communicate the information in an effective manner. The techniques will be placed in a context of broader issues, such as strategy, human behaviour and culture, and special attention will be paid to changes in accounting systems. You will explore subjects like management accounting, financial management, management control and management of change. Therefore, the Management Accounting and Control programme will enable you to connect the information needs of managers to state-of-the-art knowledge about human behaviour.Moreover, you will have ample opportunities to broaden your scope in a way that fits your personal interests and career plans, by selecting electives from a large set of business administration courses. A combination of teaching and assessment methods is used. Every year, around 50 students follow the pr

  • How can small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurial firms be managed so they can be successful in the entrepreneurial economy and add value to society?
    Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) comprise over 95% of businesses in many countries. SMEs are renowned for their entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial activities allow firms to remain competitive, they can create economic growth and innovation, and they can solve societal problems.You learn to understand the role SMEs and entrepreneurial firms are playing in the modern entrepreneurial economy, more importantly, the strategic and managerial challenges small business owners and entrepreneurs face. Many management programmes focus on large businesses, whereas SMEs and entrepreneurial firms have specific characteristics. You will learn about them and how small business owners and entrepreneurs can effectively manage their businesses in an increasingly complex business environment.You will link the specific theories on SMEs and entrepreneurship to practice by means of assignments and guest lectures. The programme has an international group of enthusiastic, highly-reputed lecturers with research experience and contacts in the professional field. Besides, the relatively small group of students (about 50 each year) results in a personal approach with possibilities for customization.

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Business Administration
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Consultant 12%
Trainee 4%
Analist 3%
Business consultant 3%
Consultant IT 3%
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