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Over de opleiding Studiepunten:  120 ECTS


Are you interested in Art and Culture? Is a career in research something you aspire to? Then this is the Master's degree you are looking for.
In the two-year Research Master's degree in Arts and Culture, you can choose between two tracks.
The track in Arts, Media and Literary Studies offers you an advanced study of the arts. You will focus specifically on the role the arts play in processes of cultural change. Also, you will specialise in one of the involved art forms: literature, film, theatre, music or multimedia forms.The new track Cultural Leadership aims to educate future leaders in the cultural domain, both national and international, enabling them to carry culture forward in a critical, sustainable, and creative manner.


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Talen: Engels
Bekostiging: Overheid
Studenten: 57
Studiepunten: 120 ECTS
Diploma: Master of Arts

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  • Are you curious, eager to learn and ready to shape the role of the arts and the media in society and culture? Then you are the right person for this Research Master!
    The two-year Master's track in Arts, Media and Literary Studies is a specialization within the Research Master's degree in Arts and Culture.Arts, Media and Literary Studies equips students with knowledge and skills to become researchers and experts on the role that the arts, literature and media play in society, now and in the past. The programme offers a rich multi- and interdisciplinary framework within which students can specialize in one of the following disciplines or combinations of disciplines, under close supervision of a highly qualified research faculty:* arts and culture education,* cognitive studies of arts, media and culture,* cultural studies,* digital humanities,* film studies,* history of art, architecture and landscape,* literary studies* media and journalism studies,* music studies,* theatre and performance studies.

  • Culture and heritage are the sinews of a society. In an era marked by rapid change, ambitious and critical cultural leaders are required to foster the cultural core of a sustainable society.
    Culture defines humanity. Managing the valuation and transmission of culture through policy, entrepreneurship, and education across generations is therefore a key responsibility for a sustainable society. In our modern society, culture has to be negotiated as it is shaped by digitisation and new media, ethnic and cultural diversity, changing audiences and economic circumstances, dwindling public funds, and a loss of shared historical awareness. The mission of the Research Master's track Cultural Leadership is to train its students to conduct academic research into processes of cultural leadership. We equip them with essential scholarly expertise as well as analytical and strategic skills, so that they may carry culture forward in a critical, sustainable, and creative manner, and ultimately become cultural leaders themselves.In order to broaden our students’ outlook on their own cultures and provide them with the opportunity to exchange ideas with peers, we have joined forces with Roma Tre University. Students spend the second semester of the first year in Rome. This period ends with a Spring School at the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR).

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