National Student Survey

The National Student Survey (NSE) is a nationwide satisfaction survey for students in which you can share your opinion about your course programme. Find all the information about the NSE here!

The 2022 National Student Survey results are in!

On 31 May 2022 the results of the 2022 NSE are published. Over 286,000 students in Dutch higher education gave their opinion about their current course programme and their institution. Although covid still played a major role the past year, the student satisfaction is almost the same as last year. 71% of students said they were (very) satisfied with their course programme. However, not all students are equally satisfied with their education. Students of the more general courses, such as economics and law, are less satisfied.

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2022 National Student Survey

What is the National Student Survey (NSE)

The National Student Survey (NSE) is a nationwide survey on student satisfaction. Every year, almost all students in Dutch higher education are invited to participate and give their opinion on their course programme and their university or university of applied sciences.

The NSE and your privacy

Participating universities and universities of applied sciences provide their students’ e-mail addresses. Wondering how we treat these e-mail addresses and what happens to students’ survey responses?

Participating institutions

73 universities and universities of applied sciences are participating in the 2022 National Student Survey (NSE). Curious to see which ones?


This year we also raffle great prizes among the students who participate in the NSE.


The questionnaire covers multiple aspects of a course programme, such as teachers, the content and organisation of teaching and the programme’s connection to professional practice. Some of the questions are asked of all students who participate. In addition, institutions can choose to add questions on further subjects to the questionnaire.


Each year, once the National Student Survey is completed, Studiekeuze123 publishes a research accountability report detailing how the survey was carried out and which choices were made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about the NSE? Most answers can be found in the FAQ's.


There are multiple ways you can get in touch with us about the NSE.

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