FAQ about the NSE

What is the National Student Survey (NSE)?

The National Student Survey (NSE: Nationale Studenten Enquête) is a nationwide survey researching students’ satisfaction with their higher education course programme. Nearly all students in Dutch higher education are invited to participate every year. Students are asked to fill out a questionnaire on various aspects of their course programme, including its content, the skills they acquire, how well they are prepared for a career, the lecturers, the information and materials provided, the study facilities offered, testing and assessment, their programme schedule, study load and academic guidance and counselling.

Who is behind the NSE?

The National Student Survey is organised by Studiekeuze123. Studiekeuze123 is an initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Education in collaboration with students and institutes for higher education. Studiekeuze123 offers objective and reliable information about all recognised degree programmes at Dutch universities and universities of applied sciences. The research is carried out by the Dutch research institute MWM2.

Where did you get my email address and other information?

Your university or university of applied sciences is participating in the NSE and made your email address and other information available to Studiekeuze123 and the Dutch research institute MWM2, which carries out the research for Studiekeuze123. Your email address will only be used to invite you to participate in the survey and, if applicable, to notify you that you’ve won a prize. The information supplied will be destroyed by 1 November 2019.

Which parties do you share personal information with?

We share the personal information of students who choose to participate non-anonymously with the school or university they are studying at.

Studiekeuze123 processes participating students’ questionnaire results (without including email addresses) to create products and/or data files aimed at informing prospective students on course programmes, higher education quality care, and academic and/or statistical research. These products and files are not traceable to individuals. Examples of these products are Studiekeuze123’s degree programme database (Studiekeuzedatabase) with the average satisfaction rates for each degree programme. Studiekeuze123 also publishes the NSE public benchmark file, which comprises all results, anonymised on an individual student level, for detailed analyses.

Studiekeuze123 is considering making the entire NSE dataset available for further statistical/academic research via Statistics Netherlands (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek). This data set may include data that is traceable to individuals. Data will be stored by Statistics Netherlands and made available to researchers via remote access within a secure research environment. The data products that researchers create from this data set conform to GDPR law in that they never contain information that is traceable to individuals.

How can I unsubscribe from reminder emails?

If you don’t want to participate, you can find an unsubscribe link in every NSE email you receive. Click the link to unsubscribe and you won’t get any more reminders.

I’m a part-time student. Can I take the survey?

Please do! We would greatly appreciate the input of part-time students. Some questions may be slightly less relevant to your daily experiences at your university or university of applied sciences. Still, try to answer in a way that’s as close to your experiences as possible.

I’ve lost the invitation email/link to the questionnaire. How can I participate in the NSE?

You can get a new link to the questionnaire using the lost link tool at the top of www.nse.nl/en.

Can I fill out the NSE questionnaire on my smartphone?

Sure! You can fill out the NSE on your smartphone, on a tablet or a computer. You can even start it on one device and continue on another. For instance, you could start the questionnaire on your desktop computer and continue on your phone while you’re on the train. This works when you open the link from your email.

When is the deadline to take the survey?

You can take the NSE up until 24 March 2019, but please don’t leave it till the last moment. Take your time and start well before that date.

When is the prize draw?

The winners are chosen and notified in April 2019. We notify prize winners using the email address that we also sent the invitation email to.

I’ve recently graduated/I’ve recently dropped out. Why am I being invited to take this survey?

We would appreciate your participation in the NSE because you have only quit your programme recently. We would really like to hear your opinion on the programme you were enrolled in and your university or university of applied sciences.

I’ve already taken the survey, but I’m still getting a reminder. Why is this?

Perhaps our reminder email was sent out at or around the time your questionnaire answers came in. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Another possibility is that you haven’t yet fully completed the questionnaire.

What happens to the results?

The NSE results are used for:

  • Information about higher education course programmes for prospective students. Prospective students can compare the scores of different course programmes via Studiekeuze123.nl.
  • Improving the quality of higher education. Universities and universities of applied sciences use the results to assess how they can improve the quality of their education.
  • Nationwide monitoring of student satisfaction. Several organisations, among which the Dutch Inspectorate of Education, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Expertisecentrum inclusief onderwijs (Studying with Disabilities Centre of Expertise) and the umbrella organisations VSNU (University Association) and Vereniging Hogescholen (Higher Education Council), use the NSE results to monitor student satisfaction trends over the years and use that information to inform policymaking.
  • Academic research.

What about my privacy?

Both Studiekeuze123 and your university or university of applied sciences value your privacy very highly. For more information, see www.nse.nl/en/privacy.

What if I have another question?

If you have a question about filling out the questionnaire, you can send an email to student@nse.nl. If you have a question about how your university or university of applied sciences will use NSE data, you can ask the NSE contact at your institution.