About the NSE

What is the National Student Survey?

The National Student Survey (NSE: Nationale Studenten Enquête) is an annual large-scale nationwide study that allows almost all students in the Netherlands to give their opinion about their course programme and their university or university of applied sciences. Every NVAO-certified course programme and degree programme at a university or university of applied sciences can be a part of the Survey. In recent years, massive numbers of students have participated in the NSE. All of the ratings can be found at Studiekeuze123.nl.

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Why take the National Student Survey?

Student ratings give unique insights into students’ satisfaction with their higher education programmes. These insights are a great tool for prospective students looking for their perfect degree programme. Who better to rate a programme than the students who are already enrolled?

Student ratings are also used to improve course programmes. These ratings help universities and universities of applied sciences pinpoint their exact areas for improvement.

Objective information about institutes of higher education and their course programmes can be used to improve the quality of Dutch higher education. Based on this assessment, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the student organisations LSVb and ISO and the Dutch institutes for higher education have assigned Studiekeuze123 the task of organising the National Student Survey.

National Student Survey subjects

The NSE consists of a questionnaire asking students to rate various aspects of their course programme and institution. All students who participate are asked about the following aspects of their experience:

  • General satisfaction
  • Content and organisation of teaching
  • Connection to professional practice/professional career
  • Teachers
  • Guidance/counselling
  • Examination and assessment
  • Engagement and contact
  • Studying with a support need

In addition, institutions can choose to add questions on the following subjects to their questionnaires:

  • Acquired general skills
  • Acquired scientific skills
  • Acquired practical research skills
  • Programme schedules
  • Study load
  • Group/class size
  • Internships
  • Challenge and commitment
  • International aspects
  • International students
  • Structure and cohesion of the study programme
  • In-depth learning
  • Reflection
  • Remote learning
  • Study facilities
  • Participation
  • Equal treatment
  • Curriculum flexibility
  • Art programmes

Student ratings are published annually and are searchable by course programme at Studiekeuze123.nl.


Do you have any questions about the National Student Survey? Please look at the Frequently Asked Questions or send us an e-mail at student@nse.nl.


The National Student Survey is organised by Studiekeuze123. This independent foundation is the result of a cooperation by the Dutch Ministry of Education, the student organisations LSVb and ISO, the university association (VSNU), and the Dutch Council of Training and Education (NRTO). Research is carried out by the Dutch research institute MWM2. Studiekeuze123 is wholly funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.