National Student Survey Questionnaire

The National Student Survey consists of an online questionnaire asking students to give their opinion about various aspects of their course programme and institute of higher education.

The results of the NSE are used for informing prospective students on higher education course programmes and for improving the quality of higher education. The questionnaire covers multiple aspects of a course programme, such as the teachers, the content and organisation of teaching and the programme’s connection to professional practice. Each of these blocks of questions may be supplemented with a final open question so that students can submit any other comments on that aspect of their programme. All students who participate are asked about a number of basic aspects of their experience. In addition, institutions can choose to add questions on more subjects to their questionnaires.

All students are asked about the following aspects:

  • General satisfaction
  • Content and organisation of teaching
  • Connection to professional practice/professional career
  • Teachers
  • Guidance/counselling
  • Examination and assessment
  • Engagement and contact
  • Studying with a support need

Institutions can add questions on the following subjects to their questionnaires:

  • Acquired general skills
  • Acquired scientific skills
  • Acquired practical research skills
  • Programme schedules
  • Study load
  • Group/class size
  • Internships
  • Challenge and commitment
  • International aspects
  • International students
  • Structure and cohesion of the study programme
  • In-depth learning
  • Reflection
  • Remote learning
  • Study facilities
  • Participation
  • Equal treatment
  • Curriculum flexibility
  • Art programmes

2021 NSE Questionnaire