National Student Survey Accountability 

Each year, once the National Student Survey is completed, Studiekeuze123 writes an extensive report on research accountability, including the steps taken during the NSE project. The accountability report covers the technical frameworks used as well as the data cleaning, file processing and communication activities carried out during the NSE.

We’re currently working on the research accountability report for the 2021 edition of the NSE. It will be made available shortly.

Read the 2019 NSE research accountability report (in Dutch).

The NSE is organised by Studiekeuze123. This foundation is the result of an initiative of Vereniging Hogescholen (Higher Education Council), NRTO (Dutch Council of Training and Education), VSNU (University Association) as well as the student organisations ISO and LSVb. Research is carried out by the Dutch research institute MWM2. Studiekeuze123 is completely financed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW).